Talking about LEVIS jean label.

Talking about LEVIS jean label.

Levi’s ® is famous for its three digit style numbers, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing. Use the list and descriptions below to learn which Levi’s ® number is right for you. The best part is that when you find a Levi’s jean you like, you can always ask for it by the Levi’s number to get the same fit in the future.

In general, the three digit Levi’s style number will indicate the fit of the jean and will be consistent across all the Levi’s ® jeans with that number. However, in women’s, both juniors and misses, the three digit number may only refer to the “top block” of the jean, that is the rise of the jean and its fit in the seat and thigh. Sometimes the leg opening and silhouette can be different in women’s styles, even when the three digit number is the same.

If you have any questions about Levi’s jeans fits, styles, or available finishes, feel free to contact us or check out our Levi’s Jeans page.

Men’s Levi’s ® Jeans

501 ® – Original fit. Classic seat and thigh. Straight leg. 17” leg opening. Sits at the waist.
The Levi’s ® 501 ® jean is where it all begins. It has been altered slightly over the years to accommodate trends, but remains largely unchanged from its original inception. It is a great jean for every occasion and fits well on most men with average to slim builds.

501 ® Shrink-to-Fit ® – Original fit. Classic seat and thigh. Straight leg. 17” leg opening. Sits at the waist.
The Levi’s ® 501 ® shrink-to-fit jean is the original “raw” denim jean. An American classic, its popularity around the world is unmatched by another other jean. There is a trend today to buy them in true size and dry clean them or not wash them at all in order to keep the denim original rigid appearance. However, if you are going to wash them, you will need to buy them 1 to 3 inches bigger in the waist and 3 to 4 inches bigger in length than your normal size. They will shrink to your size after washing. For more information on sizing, see our 501 ® shrink-to-fit sizing chart.

505 ® Regular fit. Classic seat and thigh. Straight leg. 16.5” leg opening. Fits at waist.
The Levi’s ® 505 ® jean is a great choice for someone who wants a 501®, but prefers a zip fly. However, they are not exactly the same. The 505 ® has a slightly smaller leg opening and a slightly higher rise. They are also a little slimmer, but they are not a tight jean for most people.

514 ™ Straight – Sits below waist. Straight leg. 17” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 514 ™ Straight jean features a slim fit, but it is not a skinny jean. We have seen many people who have worn 501s for years have converted to the 514 ™. It also is a good alternative for someone looking for today’s slimmer look, but does not want the look of a skinny jean.

511 ™ Slim Fit – Sits below waist. Slightly tapered leg. 14.5” leg opening.
They’re back! The Levi’s ® 511 ™ Slim jean captures the slim tapered look. It is a very popular trend these days and has become a standard jean for today’s teens and younger denim buyers. Many buy them a bit longer and “stack” them against their footwear. For the sleekest look, buy them at your true inseam length. Most 511 ™ finishes feature wider belt loops and open shank button.

510 ™ Skinny – Sits below waist. Slim fit. Skinny leg. 13.5” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 510 ™ Skinny jean is for those looking for the quintessential skater/rocker look. It has the skinniest leg and smallest leg opening of the Levi’s ® cannon. All 510s feature stretch elements (usually 2% spandex) that help preserve the skinny jean look at all times.

527 ™ Slim Boot Cut- Regular seat and thigh. Sits below waist. Bootcut Leg. 18.25” leg opening.
Originally known as the Low Rise Boot Cut Jean, the Levi’s ® 527 ™ is essentially an updated take on the classic 517 ™ Boot Cut. The wide leg opening is not considered a “bell bottom” and doesn’t fall like one. The opening is wider than the leg to allow for easy wear with boots, but the jeans are often worn with all footwear and look great with sneakers.

569 ™ Loose Straight – Sits below waist. Loose seat and thigh. Straight leg. 18.5” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 569 ™ Loose Straight provides the baggy look of the Levi’s ® line. Its leg opening is a little wider than the 527 ™ Boot Cut’s leg opening, but the rest of the leg is just wide providing the loose fit. It can be worn with any footwear and is great for anyone who wants a lot of room to move in their jeans.

559 ™ Relaxed Straight – Sits below waist. Relaxed seat and thigh. 18” leg opening.
The Levi’s ® 559 ™ is for someone looking for a looser fit, but isn’t going for all out baggy look. It makes for a very good basic work jean, as the extra room provides the comfort while bending or crouching. If you’re not into the slimmer looks and want a looser, but not sloppy jean, the Levi’s ® 559 ™ is for you.

517 ™ Boot Cut – Slim fit. Fits at waist. Boot cut leg. 18.25” leg opening.
Fits at waist. These are the old school boot jeans. One of Levi’s ® oldest fits besides the 501 ™, the 517 ™ is probably the most classic “western” fit in the Levi’s ® line. They are also a great option for someone looking to join in today’s slimmer denim trends, but also wants to wear them with cowboy boots or any other footwear.

550 ™ Relaxed – Relaxed fit. Relaxed seat and thigh. Slightly tapered leg. 16.5” leg opening. Sits at waist.
The 550 ™ has been a staple of the Levi’s ® line for a few decades now. Its main feature is its tapered leg, making it a perfect for choice for someone looking for a comfortable and clean look. You’re usually going to want to buy these jeans close to your true inseam. Boots or other tall shoes are usually not a good option with the 550 ™. Most stick with casual shoes and sneakers.

560 ™ Comfort Fit – Comfort fit. Loose overall fit and loose seat and thigh. Tapered leg. 16” leg opening. Sits at waist.
The Levi’s ® 560 ™ jean is great for anyone needing extra room. The tapered leg and normal rise help keep the 560 ™ from being just another baggy jean. It’s another good way to get a comfortable jean on larger builds without going baggy.

Juniors Levi’s ® Jeans

535 ™ Legging – Super Skinny. 8″ front rise. 12 3/4″ back rise. Ultra Stretch Fabric. Slim fitted jean legging with 5-pocket styling.
The ultimate in the skinny jean look, the Levi’s ® 535 ™ Legging, or “jegging”, is a very versatile jean that captures today’s skinny look. The slimmest fitting jean in the Levi’s ® juniors line, the 535 ™ legging can be worn with boots, sandals, or sneakers. With it’s unique 5-pocket design, the Levi’s ® legging can be worn both as a jean or under dresses and skirts for a true legging look.

524 ™ – Straight fit. 7 1/4” front rise. 12 3/8” back rise. 14.5″ leg opening
Formally known as the “Too Superlow Jean”, the Levi’s ® 524 ™ has become the flagship jean of the Levi’s ® juniors line. It has one of the lowest rises of all women’s Levi’s ® and one of the slimmest fits. Originally introduced in a boot cut, the 524 ™ is now available in 524 Skinny, 524 Straight, 524 Boot Cut, and 524 Skinny Flare. All Feature the popular 524 low rise “top block”, but each has a different leg fit and leg opening. This way you can choose the silhouette that will give you the look you want, but trust that it will fit you the same in the waist and on the hips.

518 ™ Superlow Boot Cut – 8 5/8” front rise. 13 1/8” back rise. 15 ½” knee. 19 ½” leg opening. Slim fit with classic 5-pocket styling.
The Levi’s ® 518 ™ Suplerlow Boot Cut jean has become a very universal fit for Levi’s ® juniors. The low rise and boot leg opening make it a great jean for everyday wear or for going out. It is in line with the 524 ™, but provides a slightly higher rise for more coverage. It’s generous leg opening allows for wear with any footwear, but is not a bell or flare cut. The boot cut is both functional and provides shape to the jean and your silhouette.

528 ™ Curvy Cut Jean – 7 ¼” front rise. 12 5/8” rise. 15” knee. 19” leg opening. Slim fit with classic 5-pocket styling.
Some women were just blessed with more curves and the 528 ™ Curvy Cut jean from Levi’s ® is a jean that will work with your natural shape and not against it. Cut to fit over your hips and rear, it creates a flattering silhouette and stays right in line with today’s denim looks. This fit continues to evolve and will be updated for fall 2011 with a ½” higher front rise and an almost 2” higher back rise. The 528 Curvy Cut ™ is currently available in both a 528 Skinny and a 528 Boot Cut.

Misses Levi’s ® Jeans

505 ® Straight Leg – Mid rise (9 7/8” front rise). Regular Fit. Straight Leg (16” leg opening).
The Levi’s ® 505 for misses is a classic 5-pocket straight leg jean. Great for everyday wear, it looks great with casual shoes. It’s mid rise and regular fit is sure to provide a comfortable, but not sloppy, fit for most misses body types. It’s universal fit has made the 505 one of the best selling Levi’s ® women’s jeans.

515 ™ Boot Cut – Mid rise (9 7/8” front rise). Regular Fit. Boot cut (18 ¾” leg opening).
The Levi’s ® 515 ™ Boot Cut jean starts much like the 505 at the top and opens to a 18 ¾” boot cut leg opening. If you’re looking to add some shape or want a jean that is more versatile when it comes to footwear options, the 515 ™ is a good way to go. You’ll also find the 515 ™ comes in many finishes with nice style accents that make it easy to add some fashion to your jean looks.

512 ™ Perfectly Slimming – Sits at waist. Slimming fit. Tummy slimming panel. Stretch fabric.
The 512 ™ is designed to help create a flattering silhouette for you. It’s positioned at your waist (10 ½” front rise) with a tummy slimming panel to help shape your mid section. The stretch fabric also works to hold the overall fit of the jean and give you the shape you’re looking for. Back pocket treatments and up to date finishes means you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for a slimming jean. The 512 ™ is available in both 512 Boot Cut (19 ½” leg opening) and 512 Straight Leg (15 ½” leg opening).

525 ™ Perfect Waist – Mid Rise. Slim fit. No gap waistband. Tummy slimming panel.
The waist line is the primary focus of the Levi’s ® 525 ™. A no gap waist band has hidden elastic that helps prevent unwanted space between you and the jean when bending or moving. The tummy slimming panel combined with a slim fit can you present a flat mid section. The 525 ™ is available in both a boot cut (18 ½” leg opening) and a straight leg (16” leg opening).

526 ™ Slender Straight – Mid rise. Slender fit. Straight leg. Tummy slimming panel. 2” waistband. Double button closure.
The Levi’s ® 526’s distinctive features include it’s wide waistband and double button front enclosure. Like the 512 ™ and the 525 ™, it has a tummy slimming panel that helps flatten the mid section. Its straight leg works with heels and casual shoes and its slender look gives a nice silhouette without feeling tight.

545 ™ Low Boot Cut – Low rise (8 5/8” front rise). Slim fit. Boot cut. 19” leg opening.
The 545 ™ is a good crossover jean from a juniors to a misses. It features the popular low rise, slim fit, and boot cut combination that has been popular in juniors jeans, but with respect to a misses body type. The boot cut gives it shape and makes it a versatile jean that can be worn with just about any type of shoes, be it boots or flats.

550 ™ Relaxed Tapered – Sits at waist (10 ¼” front rise). Classic relaxed fit through hip and thigh. Tapered leg.
The misses 550 ™ has long been a staple of the Levi’s ® line. Its tapered leg and low stretch percentage keeps it comfortable, while the tapered leg, when purchased at the correct inseam, keeps the lines of the jeans clean and straight. This jean is not typically recommend for boots or heels, but goes very well with sneakers, flats, and sandals when bought at the proper lengths.

Misses Legging – Mid rise. Skinny fit. Super skinny leg.
So, you like the legging, or jegging look, but you don’t think it will agree with your misses body type. Think again. The Levi’s ® legging for misses brings the ultra skinny look to misses. The ankle length 30” inseam and super skinny cut will ensure a leggy look, while the 8 ¾” front rise and slimming stretch denim will work with your misses fit to get you into a legging. The 5-pocket styling means that it is truly a jean and not just a legging, allowing you to style it in many different ways.


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