Cambridge ESOL books

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[IMG]These practice tests from

  • Sách hướng dẫn 2010 – Handbook_2010
  • Danh sách từ vựng – Vocabulary-list
  • Sách hình từ vựng – Cambridge-english-starters-world-list-book
  • Sách hình – Fun for starters
  • Sách hướng dẫn về đề thi – Movers Candidates Notes
  • Cambridge ESOL are designed to evaluate the English level of primary learners aged 7-12. Updated to reflect the 2007 changes, they provide the first step towards the Cambridge ESOL main suite exams (e.g. KET, PET and FCE). There are 3 sets of tests for each of the 3 levels: Cambridge Starters, Cambridge Movers and Cambridge Flyers. Each set contains 3 full-colour tests, an audio cassette/CD, and an answer booklet.

    This is the second edition of Cambridge Young Learners English Tests 1 and is suitable for use with the new 2007 syllabus.
    Practice tests help your pupils know what to expect in the exam and feel more confident. Our practice tests cover all the papers for each exam. Our authors are all highly experienced exam teachers or examiners.
    Key features
    * Author is highly experienced Cambridge ESOL examiner and has a thorough knowledge of the YLE tests.
    * For use with any primary course.
    * Includes complimentary Audio CD.
    * Student’s Book includes Object cards for Speaking papers, and Starters Vocabulary List.
    * Teacher’s Booklet includes Answer Keys and transcripts, Teaching tips, Revision tips, and Tips for test day.

    Link download:
    Book 1 – Starters 1 Answer Booklet.pdf – Starters 1 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 1 Student_s Book.pdf
    Book 2 – Starters 2 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 2 Student_s Book.pdf
    Book 3 – Starters 3 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 3 Student_s Book.pdf
    Book 4 – Starters 4 Answer Booklet.pdf – Starters 4 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 4 Student_s Book.pdf
    Book 5 – Starters 5 Answer Booklet.pdf – Starters 5 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 5 Student_s Book.pdf
    Book 6 – Starters 6 Answer Booklet.pdf – Starters 6 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 6 Student_s Book.pdf
    Book 7 – Starters 7 Student_s Book CD.rar – Starters 7 Student_s Book.pdf


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